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Welcome to The Accidental Chef. The goal here is to provide affordable recipes, that are nutritious, and super tasty. You’ll find a cost per portion & calorie count on almost all the recipes on this site, making it much simpler to eat well for less.

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Aubergine Lasagne

Aubergine Lasagne

JPLongland2 September 20205 min read

Crunchy, cheesy and intensely savoury this Aubergine Lasagne with lentils & walnuts is an attractive alternative to the traditional meat-laden lasagne. Complete with a crunchy golden mozzarella topping. We’ll start…

Prawn Linguine

Prawn Linguine

JPLongland27 August 20204 min read

Creamy, peppery and rich, this Prawn Linguine makes an impressive low-key dinner party dish but can double up as an easy midweek meal. That’s pretty darn good, eh? I’ve been…

Chickpea + Spinach Curry

Chickpea + Spinach Curry

JPLongland28 April 20203 min read

Hungry and running low on time? Knock up a 15-minute Chickpea and Spinach Curry, and then get on with relaxing. I know the feeling, believe me, even doing a blog…

Vegan Doner Kebab

Vegan Doner Kebab

JPLongland11 May 20203 min read

I wouldn’t suggest attempting to create this Vegan Doner Kebab Meat MASTERPIECE after you’ve had one too many pints and are dying for a kebab. I would, however, suggest eating…

random dinner inspiration

Not sure what you’re looking for? We’ve all been there! Here’s a selection of random recipes from the “Dinner” section on The Accidental Chef. Click around and see what takes your fancy.

latest recipes

The latest recipes onto the blog. Complete with cost per portion, nutritional information and lots of information helping you to eat well for less. See all latest recipes here.

About The Accidental Chef

The Accidental Chef is the personal cookbook of JPLongland, that’s me! It’s full of recipes I love to cook when I love to cook them. Sometimes it’s a recipe I’ve adapted from elsewhere (you’ll see a note next to them with a link to my inspiration), mainly though, it’s all about helping you eat well for less.

JPLongland - the accidental chef helping you eat well for less.

desserts + sweet treats

Who doesn’t love a dessert? From ice cream to brownies, to cinnamon buns. Here is where you can find the latest sweet recipes, a gorgeous after dinner treat, or a pre-dinner treat, this is a judgement free zone.

Recently Updated Recipes

Sometimes I go back to tweak old recipes, update the nutritional information or to link to a helpful resource. Often this selection of recipes will probably be the same as the most recent recipes, but in the name of helping you eat well for less, I’ll keep this here so you don’t miss a thing.

Food Photography

Throughout this food blogging journey, I’ve fallen in love with photographing food and my DSLR. I’ve become obsessed with learning everything I can in a fairly short amount of time, from some fantastic teachers.

I’m available to hire for all your food photography needs. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Example of JPLongland's Food Photography. A table full of Thai Food