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Hey there, welcome to the Accidental Chef.

I’m JPLongland, the cook, creator, photographer and blogger behind The Accidental Chef. I live in London, UK.

I’ve had an obsession with food ever since I moved out of home when I was in my late teens, no offence intended to my mum’s or her cooking. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry my whole life, mainly as a manager of various pubs around London. It’s meant I’ve worked alongside some super talented and creative chefs, I briefly became one for a while, more on that in a sec. JPLongland's DSLR set up

My blog reflects my changing philosophy towards cooking, seasonal, sustainable, simple, fresh and imaginative recipes, cooking with the British seasons wherever possible. 

As of October 2020, you shouldn’t expect to see too many recipes containing meat on the Accidental Chef, not unless it is sustainably farmed or hunted. We should all be making more of an effort to shift towards a plant-based diet to save our planet, and that’s what my aim here is to do.  

You’ll find creative ways to use the ingredients that are in season each month, alongside year-round store cupboard recipes, and meals that are good for those who are living on a budget. My promise is each recipe will delicious, refined and tested more than once. 

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Why the Accidental Chef?

JPLongland - the accidental chef
JPLongland plating up food (and posing, at one of our pop-ups)

Back in 2017, I launched a pop-up food concept with a friend of mine. It was at the height of the craft beer boom in London, and we decided we were going to cook everything with beer, or the ingredients that make beer. 

Having worked front of house in hospitality for nearly a decade, the plan was for me to be the face and charm serving our guests, while my friend would be the chef. Things didn’t quite work out that way, and I ended up becoming a chef, accidentally. The pop-up thing eventually consumed our lives, so we decided to pop it on the shelf, but I’d fallen in love with working in the kitchen. 

I’ve always loved food, and the kitchen was my place to unwind when at home, but being in a professional kitchen, working alongside super talented people allowed me to fall in love with food all over again. 

After 18 months or so in a professional kitchen, it was time for me to head back to the safety of serving the food and drinks on the floor. I wanted to keep challenging myself to cook creatively, so I decided to start The Accidental Chef.

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Satay Sweet Potato Curry

I know you’re not meant to blow your own trumpet, and remain humble, but HOLY MOLY this Satay Sweet Potato Curry ticks some damn boxes. It’s sweet and savoury, it’s spicy AND not, it’s ready in just 30 minutes AND it’s vegan. Come on, let me have this one.

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