About The Accidental Chef

The Accidental Chef is the personal cookbook of JPLongland, that’s me! It’s full of recipes I love to cook when I love to cook then. Sometimes it’s a recipe I’ve adapted from elsewhere (you’ll see a note next to them with a link to my inspiration), sometimes they started with me simply opening the fridge and working out what was there, you know how it is. 

My goal with The Accidental Chef is to have a wide range of recipes for all occasions, but I’ll warn you, if I’m going on a diet, you’re coming with me. 

In our house, we’re trying to consciously eat less meat, so I hope you’ll find something for everyone here on this corner of the internet. Where possible I will point you in the direction of a store where you can find any “out there” ingredients, so you’re not scrambling to find the impossible. 

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Why the Accidental Chef?

JPLongland - the accidental chef
JPLongland plating up food (and posing, at one of our pop-ups)

Back in 2017, I launched a pop-up food concept with a friend of mine. It was at the height of the craft beer boom in London, and we decided we were going to cook everything with beer, or the ingredients that make beer. 

Having worked front of house in hospitality for nearly a decade, the plan was for me to be the face and charm serving our guests, while my friend would be the chef. Things didn’t quite work out that way, and I ended up becoming a chef, accidentally. The pop-up thing eventually consumed our lives, so we decided to pop it on the shelf, but I’d fallen in love with working in the kitchen. 

I’ve always loved food, and the kitchen was my place to unwind when at home, but being in a professional kitchen, working alongside super talented people allowed me to fall in love with food all over again. 

After 18 months or so in a professional kitchen, it was time for me to head back to the safety of serving the food and drinks on the floor. I wanted to keep challenging myself to cook creatively, so I decided to start The Accidental Chef.

What’s the Accidental Chef niche?

The truth is, there isn’t one yet. I just wanted to cook food that excites me. I assume the niche will figure itself out as we go and we’ll start to see more of one type of recipe. I’m not the strongest baker in the world, so it’s likely to be more dinner and savoury snack recipes, but beyond that, stay tuned. 

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