Artichoke Pasta

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Store cupboard recipes have become a necessity in recent times, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. I randomly purchased a couple of tins of Artichoke Hearts and set about finding the perfect dish for them. This Artichoke Pasta recipe is simple, tasty, cost-effective and is ready in just over 15 minutes. That’s near perfection, wouldn’t you say?

Ingredients for Artichoke Pasta on a marble work surface, from top to bottom left to right: artichoke hearts, spinach, olive oil, pesto, 3 garlic cloves, head of broccoli chopped into florets and spaghetti.
Ingredients to make Artichoke Pasta: 1 tin Artichoke Hearts, two handfuls of spinach, 100ml Olive Oil, 2 tablespoons of Pesto, 3 garlic cloves, half a lemon, one head of broccoli and 280 grams of spaghetti.

Midweek Meal Delight

The search for quick, easy and nutritious midweek meals is a faff, isn’t it? Well, look no further tbh. This recipe is as easy as popping broccoli in the oven at 200 celsius for 20 minutes, cooking your pasta and blending up your sauce.

First, chop the broccoli into florets, drizzle over a little oil, season generously with salt and pepper and roast for 20 minutes. Next, get a pot on for the pasta, season with salt and cook as per packet instructions.

For the sauce, pop the artichokes and everything except spinach in a blender and blitz until smooth. Gently heat the sauce over medium-low heat. When the broccoli is cooked, chop it into smaller chunks, and add to the pan. Finally, add the pasta to the artichoke sauce with 4 – 5 tablespoons of the pasta water, stir and serve. That’s it, that’s all there is to this Artichoke Pasta recipe.

Pile of Artichoke Pasta on a white plate, set on a marble effect work surface
Gorgeous: Bowl of Artichoke Pasta with a super generous helping of freshly cracked black pepper

Eating on a budget

This Artichoke Pasta recipe comfortably serves four people, and at time of writing would cost just 84p per portion if you purchased all the ingredients from Morrisons. There are of course changes and alternations you can make to this recipe to reduce the cost.

Suppose there’s no Olive Oil in the house, substitute for 100ml of water when blending. The water will help loosen the sauce and ensure it blends well.

Homemade pesto is far, far cheaper than buying the jarred stuff from the supermarket, and is a super handy thing to have in the fridge. Check out Jack Monroe’s Salad Bag Pesto, an absolute steal tbh. I prefer my pesto will pine nuts, they add something, but I understand that nuts are expensive.

Hide the Veg or add more Veg!

There are loads of things you could do with this recipe; you could switch out the broccoli and spinach for kale and asparagus for example. Mushrooms and Sweet Potato would be fabulous additions also.

If you have a fussy eater on your hands, just blanch the spinach first and add to the blender with the sauce. You could even roast the broccoli a bit longer and blend that into the sauce instead of having it “on show”. My Butternut Squash Pasta is the perfect example of hiding vegetables – so so sneaky.

Artichoke Pasta with Broccoli and Spinach in granite effect frying pan
Easy Peasy: Tinned Artichokes blitz up into a gorgeous smooth sauce. You can even sneak extra hidden vegetables into the sauce.

Make it ahead.

I’m not sure how much time you’d save making the sauce part ahead of time – if any. Having said that, if you wanted to save on the midweek washing up you could make the artichoke pasta sauce ahead of time, the sauce will keep in the fridge for up to a week. If saving on the washing up is your jam, make sure you check out my one-pan Mushroom Pasta

How did it go?

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Artichoke Pasta

Quick, easy and nutritious artichoke pasta is a perfect midweek dinner. It’s super tasty too!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 30 mins


  • 1 tin of artichoke hearts
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 2 tablespoon green Pesto
  • 1 head broccoli
  • 2 handfuls spinach about 50g
  • 280 g dried spaghetti or linguine


  • Pre-heat oven to 200 Celcius
  • Chop broccoli into bite-sized florets. Toss in oil and place on a baking tray, season generously with salt + pepper.
  • Roast the broccoli for 20 minutes, until the edges are starting to crisp
  • Set a large pan of salted water onto boil, cook pasta as per packet instructions
  • Add garlic, artichokes, olive oil, lemon juice and two heaped tablespoons of pesto. Blitz until smooth. 
  • Gently heat the artichoke sauce over medium-low heat.
  • Remove broccoli from the oven and chop into small pieces and add to the artichoke sauce, along with the spinach. 
  • Drain the pasta, reserving a couple of ladle’s full of the water
  • Stir in the pasta into the sauce and loosen to your desired consistency using the reserved pasta water (about 4 tablespoons)
  • Serve with a generous grinding of freshly cracked black pepper


No Olive Oil, no problem: If you find yourself short of Olive Oil just add 100ml of water when blending the sauce to make sure it blends into a lusciously smooth pasta sauce.
Substitutions: Peppers, Mushrooms, Sweet Potato or Kale could be switched in if you’ve got extra veg to use up and no Broccoli or Spinach, no stress. 
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