Well, here goes nothing. I’ve wanted to start a food blog for the longest time; the kitchen is where I go to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Remember going to work? It’s the place I make a mess, experiment, and have a glass or two of wine whilst I’m doing it.

Needless to say, when the idea of this food blog manifested, I certainly didn’t think I’d be dropping it onto the internet during these UNPRECEDENTED times. However, food is one of the only constants we have during these trying times, so hopefully browsing recipes and coming up with a plan for dinner can act as a welcome distraction. Putting it together and getting it online has certainly served as a welcome distraction for me.

My little corner of the internet is  largely going to be filled with BIG flavours using the fewest possible ingredients. Though, I can’t promise we won’t make mess and use every pot and pan in the kitchen on occasion. If you spoke to my boyfriend, I’m sure he’d tell you, without hesitation, that making a mess is my speciality. 

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Make no bones about it, this is mainly so I can have a decent excuse to buy even more kitchen gadgets. “It’s for the BLOG, I promise” has been bellowed around the flat for the last few months, and an ice cream machine was purchased in November, unsurprisingly, it’s only been used once.

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I’m excited to be here.

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